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Special deal on Levenhuk LabZZ M3 children’s microscope

Buy Levenhuk LabZZ M3 children’s microscope and get a special camera adapter (€9.95 value) absolutely FREE! This camera adapter* provides a wonderful opportunity to make fascinating images of the microcosm! All you need to do is install the adapter on the microscope, fix your digital camera and there you go – now you are ready to capture your findings by making photos and videos of observed microscope samples!

Levenhuk LabZZ M3 Microscope – is a true find for an inquisitive child. It has everything that a young scientist dreams of, and comes with 100 useful accessories! Prepared microscope slides, blanks slides and cover slips, tools for sample preparation, materials for experiments –beginning biologists or chemists will be able to demonstrate all of their scientific talents.
The metal body can significantly extend the instrument’s service life. The kit also includes a convenient and durable case for safe storage.

* The adapter is suitable for digital mirrorless cameras; the gift is already included in the box.

The offer is valid for the following products:

Микроскоп Levenhuk LabZZ M3

Увеличение: 300–1200x. Включен е набор за експерименти

Микроскопът Levenhuk LabZZ M3 е истинска находка за любознателното дете. Той има всичко, за което мечтае младият учен, и се пристига със 100 полезни аксесоара! С подготвените микроскопски проби, празни проби и покривни с...Oще
79,95 лв.

Please note that this special offer can’t be combined with other special offers and discounts available on the website.

Hurry, this special offer expires February 25, 2019.

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