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Настолни телескопи

Тази секция включва компактни модели телескопи, монтирани на настолни триножници. Настолният триножник се характеризира с малък размер и тегло, което го прави най-добрия другар за къмпингуване и пътешествия. Тези характеристики са полезни и за малки деца – те могат да носят тези инструменти без родителска помощ. Въпреки тяхната компактност и лекота, те са много здрави и надеждни, и предлагат стабилна платформа за инструмента.

Телескоп Levenhuk LabZZ D1

Нютонов телескоп. Диаметър на главното огледало: 76 mm. Фокусно разстояние: 300 mm

Телескопът Levenhuk LabZZ D1 е компактен нютонов рефлекторен телескоп на Добсънова монтировка. С този модел можете да изследвате детайли от лунната повърхност, планетите от Слънчевата система и дори ярки обекти в далечни...Oще
99,95 лв.

Compact and convenient tabletop telescopes for sale at Levenhuk.com

For those who imagine a telescope as a large and bulky instrument, tabletop telescopes might seem a little superficial and toylike at first. But such instruments have lots of advantages and, after a little consideration, may become your buying preference.

Telescopes installed on compact tabletop tripods are truly portable: You can take such an instrument with you on your family camping trips, set it up on a picnic table, and enjoy beautiful starry views – all together. Sounds good, right? So the main point is that not everyone needs a powerful bulky instrument – the choice depends on your purpose. And if it’s amateur-level observations, then this is a great option for you. Such tripods are very easy to point, and they are comfortable to use and carry.

If you are looking for a telescope for a child, then you should definitely consider buying a tabletop model. The pros of such tripods – light weight, compact size, and simplicity of use – are especially great for our little astronomers. In most cases, kids want to carry their instruments by themselves ‘like adults’ and do all other manipulations on their own as well.

Levenhuk LabZZ MT2 Microscope & Telescope Kit included in this category is a wonderful optics kit for kids – it consists of a beautiful red color microscope and telescope. The telescope is installed on an Altazimuth mount, which allows for horizontal and vertical movements of the tube. A compact tabletop tripod provides a stable and reliable platform for the instrument. This great kit is designed especially for young explorers and their comprehensive development.

Find tabletop telescopes for sale at Levenhuk.com. Besides the best tabletop telescopes, the Levenhuk optical equipment store offers a wide assortment of telescopes for any experience level, purpose, and budget. Buy top-quality optics at Levenhuk.com!

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