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  • Ключова(и) дума(и): bresser
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Общо продукти:  347  

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Визьор за полярно осветление Bresser за EXOS-2 резба m12x1,0 mm

Червен визьор за полярно осветление за EXOS-2 монтира с фиксираща резба M12x1,0 mm

Red polar viewfinder illumination unit for Bresser EXOS-2 mounts with fixing thread M12x1.0mm. An adjustable illumination makes it easier to find the marked sky objects on the polar viewfinder. ...Oще
Метеорологична станция Bresser National Geographic, прозрачна

Метеорологична станция показва температура, влажност и време

The Bresser National Geographic wireless weather station Translucidus connects large digits on a futuristic-transparent display with a simple and elegant stand. The operating elements have been placed...Oще
Телескоп Bresser National Geographic 50/600 AZ

Ахроматичен рефракторен телескоп. Диаметър на лещата на обектива (апертура): 50 mm. Фокусно разстояние: 600 mm

Bresser National Geographic 50/600 Telescope on an alt-azimuth mount will become a great companion to a beginner astronomer! This entry-level refracting telescope features bright colorful design and e...Oще
Бинокъл Bresser Hunter 20x50

Увеличение: 20х. Диаметър на лещата на обектива: 50mm

The Bresser Hunter 20x50 binoculars new design provides impressive performance. Due to the minimised lightweight design, this inexpensive model is the ideal companion in many situations. The fully coa...Oще
Телескоп Bresser Solarix 76/350 със слънчев филтър

Нютонов рефлекторен телескоп. Апертура: 76 mm. Фокусно разстояние: 350 mm

We are proud to present the Bresser Solarix 76/350 – the first «all in one» newtonian telescope package that enables you to observe the sun. With a certified quality at a sensational price point!...Oще
Бинокъл Bresser Spezial Astro 25x70

Увеличение: 25x. Диаметър на лещата на обектива: 70 mm

Spezial Astro binoculars from Bresser are ideal for astronomy and landscape observation....Oще
Редукционна леща Bresser 0,5x Variable

23.2mm microscope adapter for cameras with 1" c-mount thread

The Bresser 0.5x reduction lens is used to change the image field of a microscope camera. Itallows to zoom in or out. The brightness becomes more intensive, to reduce the exposure time....Oще
Метеорологична станция Bresser Wi-Fi 5-в-1 с цветен дисплей, бяла

Компактна метеорологична станция с цветен дисплей и Wi-Fi

5-в-1 Wi-Fi метеорологична станция Bresser с цветен дисплей предлага цялостно информационно обслужване, въпреки компактния си дизайн. Многофункционалният професионален външен датчик може лесно да се м...Oще
 План-ахроматичен обектив Bresser DIN-PL 100x

План-ахроматичен обектив за микроскопи

Bresser Planachromat 100x – this DIN-Objectives are processed with the highest quality materials to enhance the image replication.
Plan correction minimizes refocus between center and edge of fie...Oще
Cистема за монтировки Bresser StarTracker GoTo EXOS-2/EQ5

GoTo Set to upgrade an existing Bresser Exos-2 mount

With the Bresser StarTracker GoTo kit you can upgrade any existing Bresser EXOS-2 mount. ...Oще
Bresser Messier NT-150/750 Hexafoc EXOS-2/GOTO Telescope

Newtonian telescope with GoTo function. Primary mirror diameter: 150 mm. Focal length: 750 mm

The Bresser Messier N-150 telescope excels with high rigidity and tack-sharp parabolic optics. The 150mm aperture enables you to observe bright nebulas in the depth of space. Find the remnant...Oще
Bresser Hunter 10x50 Binoculars

Magnification: 10х. Objective lens diameter: 50mm

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile model for a hunter, fisherman, or any outdoor enthusiast, then Bresser Hunter 10x50 Binoculars are your choice. This device provides 10x magnification, ...Oще
109,95 лв.
Bresser Hunter 10x25 Binoculars

Magnification: 10х. Objective lens diameter: 25mm

In producing Bresser Hunter 10x25 binoculars, the manufacturer uses high-quality glass optics and roof-prism optical design. That makes this model truly universal – having a compact size and light wei...Oще
49,95 лв.
Bresser Hunter 8x21 Binoculars

Magnification: 8х. Objective lens diameter: 21mm

For observations of various events, from art performances to football matches, we recommend Bresser Hunter 8x21 binoculars that combine compact dimensions and excellent optical properties. Thanks to t...Oще
44,95 лв.
Bresser Junior 6x21 Binoculars for children

Magnification: 6x. Objective lens diameter (aperture): 21mm

Compact and lightweight due to the roof prism design, Bresser Junior 6x21 binoculars, despite their "toy" appearance, have great optical properties and image quality that equals the "adult" models. Le...Oще
54,95 лв.
Bresser National Geographic 10x50 Binoculars

Porro prism. Magnification: 10x. Objective lens diameter (aperture): 50mm.

Bresser National Geographic 10x50 are classic Porro prism binoculars with brilliant optical properties. High-performance 50mm lenses made of fully coated BK-7 glass and 10x magnification guarantee a d...Oще
119,95 лв.
Bresser Hunter 7x50 Binoculars

Magnification: 7х. Objective lens diameter: 50mm

Bresser Hunter 7x50 binoculars have objectives with a large aperture, which will allow you to enjoy high image contrast and quality not only in bright daylight, but also in foggy or cloudy conditions....Oще
Bresser National Geographic 300–1200x Microscope

Microscope for kids. Experiment kit included. For studying samples in transmitted light. Magnification: 300–1200х.

Bresser National Geographic 300–1200x Microscope is a great instrument for an immediate start in studying the mysterious micro world. With this microscope young scientists will take their first steps ...Oще
Bresser Hunter 8x40 Binoculars

Magnification: 8х. Objective lens diameter: 40mm

Bresser Hunter 8x40 Binoculars are a perfect tool for observation at dusk! The model is highly appreciated by hunters, tourists, and all lovers of outdoor activities. Thanks to the Porro-prism optical...Oще
84,95 лв.
Зрителна тръба Bresser Junior Spotty 20–60x60

Увеличение: 20–60x. Диаметър на лещата на обектива: 60 mm

Start your discovery tour! This Bresser Junior Spotty 20–60x60 spotting scope includes a 60-fold magnification so you can observe and discover the nature around you. For a better stability you can use...Oще
139,95 лв.
Bresser Spezial Zoomar 12–36x70 Binoculars

Porro prism. Magnification: 12–36x. Objective lens diameter: 70mm.

Bresser Spezial Zoomar 12–36x70 – a powerful model, ideal for astronomical observations thanks to a large aperture of 70mm and variable magnification in the range of 12–36x. This magnification may cau...Oще
419,95 лв.
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