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Buy Levenhuk telescopes, microscopes and binoculars in the official Levenhuk online store

High-quality Levenhuk products directly from the manufacturer

This catalog contains the best optical instruments of Levenhuk brand, the American-based worldwide brand of optical equipment. Here you can find the widest choice of optical devices such as microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, magnifiers, accessories and so much more.

The Levenhuk product selection is known for its diversity and sheer breadth: Levenhuk products are intended not only for professional users, but also for the great amount of amateurs, beginners and everyone interested in astronomy, biology or simply knowing the world around us much better. The Levenhuk range of goods was designed to satisfy demands of each and every Levenhuk customer. This catalog will help you find just the right product according to your level of experience, budget and expectations.

The Levenhuk telescopes section includes models suitable for people with no astronomy experience whatsoever as well as models for true professionals in a wide price range of only €49.95 up to €2989.95. Among the Levenhuk microscopes priced from only €44.95 up to €1119.95 you will find reliable and colorful microscopes for children and high-powered laboratory microscopes. Levenhuk binoculars from only €19.95 to €349.95 will certainly delight theatre and sports fans, hunters and birdwatchers, active tourists and calm observers and everyone in need of a pair of quality binoculars.

The Levenhuk catalog also includes: waterproof spotting scopes from only €84.95, modern monoculars from only €49.95, illuminated magnifiers from only €9.95, digital cameras for microscopes and telescopes from only €124.95 and a great variety of Levenhuk accessories from only €3.95.

We offer worldwide shipping for all Levenhuk goods, so you can acquire your desired Levenhuk products no matter where you are, safely and without delays.